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Ed Naso is a certified dealer and warranty agent and has beenĀ installing and servicing generators since 2007. He is a registered dealer of multiple manufacturers and his knowledge and understanding of advanced installations as well as commercial and industrial applications is unmatched. Whether you have a residential or commercial application. Ed and his team are sure to be the right choice for your needs. Dont choose a comany who got into the business to make a buck after Hurricane Sandy. Choose the company that was in business to be on the forfront of technology, The company that was factory trained by every leading manufacturer, the company that is authorized to make warranty repairs…Choose Ed Naso & Associates to make sure the job is done right.

This product is to book a service appointment for your standby generator. Standard service includes (oil drain and replacement, oil filter removal and replacement, Spark plug removal and replacement) all other options are also available below. If your generator has a fault code or is not operating please select the appropriate diagnosis service below. Other additional service options are also available below.



Bookings can be canceled a minimum of 3 business days prior the booking date via logging in to your account or by email. All other changes to your booking within 3 business days (cancellations, rescheduling, or changes) will incur a 20% fee which will cover our losses for the booking block being unavailable for other customers. All incorrect order will be charged the additional proper amount that relates to the correct cover,pool size, type, and features plus a processing fee of $45.00 Please make sure to book your opening properly.


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