Terms & Conditions

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All incorrect orders will be returned and appointment date lost

Bookings can be canceled a minimum of 7 business days prior the booking date via logging in to your account or by email. All other changes to your booking within 7 business days (cancellations, rescheduling, or changes) will incur a 100% fee which will cover our losses for the calendar booking block being unavailable for other customers.

All incorrect order will be charged the additional proper amount that relates to the correct cover,pool size, type, and features plus a processing fee of $45.00 Please make sure to book your appointment properly.

Addition costs for chemicals and return visits may apply due to water condition $50 per (return) visit plus costs of chemicals as required.

All orders that qualify for a refund will incur a 6% processing fee. Credit card processors like paypal, and Amazon do not refund the fee they take during the original authorization and capture of payment, and charge the fee again to return payment, as such we can not refund money we never received. If you made an order by mistake, call our office immediately so we may help correct the error. Our customer service is available 24/7 at 1 (201)-500-7665

Once your order has been processed for shipping or local pickup, this qualifies as a return and will be subjected to our return policies.

Customers that attempt to make new purchases, or appointments for service, on our site that have outstanding and/or overdue balances (30 days or more), or have previously filed chargebacks against payments to us in the past, should expect to have the purchase or booking canceled and any money received for such purchase will be allocated to the past due balances. If the new purchase exceeds the past due or charges back amount plus any associated fees , the remaining balance will be added to the customers account for future purchases. If the customer prefers to receive the remaining money as a refund a 5% fee will be charged to cover the credit card processing fee charged by the merchant service provider and the associated office work.

Allow a minimum of 7 days after an opening before before entering the water. The water chemistry IS NOT SAFE to swim after an opening. Please book your opening date accordingly.

Inclement weather may affect your booking date. We will work as quickly as possible to stay on schedule, however if weather does effect scheduling we will do our best to get your pool open the following day.