Weekly Service Subscription (No hidden fees or surprise chemical bills)

From: $328.13 every 4 weeks for 24 weeks and a $14.99 sign-up fee

Cancel anytime. No Contract. Pricing changes is October.

(This subscription is automatically billed monthly, No refund will be given for unused service however you may cancel anytime)

Our weekly service includes all required chemicals and filtration media during service, Pricing based on your pool’s sanitization type and size. We have built this right into the price! Our new system will guarantee there will be no issues with your pool chemistry throughout the season, and you will never receive a bill for chemicals! This is the only option for service we will offer. Problems occur in pools based on less quality chemicals purchased at big box stores by customers. It makes our job much more difficult and ends up costing the customer significantly more money in chemicals to correct the issues and loss of valuable swim time caused by these types of chemicals we have seen purchased. To ensure the end of these problems we will supply all the chemicals required to keep your pool beautiful all while never sending you a bill 🙂 We hope you all recognize this is a necessary step to ensure you enjoyment.

Please review the “description” at the bottom of this page for a complete worksheet explaining the chemicals and pricing.

All required media is the highest quality on the market and is being sold to you below retail value! 🙂



We spent countless hours going through 13 years of data factoring average chemical usage across various pool types and sizes. We included over 120 pools in our study all located in Bergen county. This gave us a clear insight into the average requirements per pool. Not only will these chemicals be used. We will included any and all others that may be necessary throughout your contract. These prices are only valid for pools opened for the season by our company. If we did not open your pool it must be in proper chemistry and clear in order to book this service. Please review the packages below that led us to our pricing.

Click here: → Thursday Pricing Worksheet
Click here: → Friday Pricing Worksheet

*please note: we are very aware of our booking schedules. We work 7am to 830pm in the field. Appointments are scheduled per day in the order they are recieved.  Any phone calls and texts to Ed’s personal cell phone reminding him you have an appointment will move your appointment to the end of that day. Multiple phones calls and texts will push your appointment to end of the following day. No one should call his cell phone. We welcome phone calls to the office line at 201-500-POOL at all hours however we prefer you put your requests in writing via the “contact us”  page at the top of this site or as an alternate second choice; email at info@Nasopools.com. No exceptions will be made to this rule.

**Monday through Thursday bookings will be scheduled and cleaned at our discretion. The cleaning schedule is based on a “round robin” type of system. We try to accommodate everyone to allow all customers in this booking block the opportunity for a cleaning as close to the weekend as possible. In order to do this, we rotate the schedule regularly. Customers will have an opportunity to request special consideration for a specified cleaning day based on certain circumstances. This will not be allowed as a weekly request and any abuse of this option will not be tolerated. One time requests for parties or holidays are acceptable and granted based on availability.

Additional information

Service Day

Monday Through Thursday (*discounted price), Friday

Sanitization Type

Chlorine, Salt, Ion

Pool Size

Small (up to 12×24), Medium (up to 16×32), Large (up to 18×36), Extra Large (up to 20 x 45), Extra Large (up to 20×55), XXL Large (up to 22×65)

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