Fiber Clear 7lb serviceman bag

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Fiber Clear 7 lb serviceman bag, Equals 56 lbs of D.E!

Fiber Clear Pure Cellulose Filtration Media DE Alternative 7 Lb

Fiber Clear is an environmentally-safe alternative to Diatomaceous Earth for use in D.E. pool filters. It’s much more efficient than D.E., provides superior water clarity and, most importantly, its use entails none of the respiratory health risks associated with D.E. Its Made from hardwood cellulose fiber.

Fiber Clear is completely organic and non-toxic and just a little Fiber Clear goes a long way. Fiber Clear beats Diatomaceous Earth in every aspect possible. It’s cleaner, safer, easier and less expensive. ?

  • Replaces Diatomaceous Earth in your DE Filter.
  • Provides superior water clarity.
  • Filters particles down to 2 microns (DE filters down to 4 microns).
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic.
  • Keeps your pool sparkling clear-giving the water “polished” look.
  • Back-washes easier and quicker than DE.
  • Saves water and chemicals.
  • Natural, organic hardwood based material that is extremely fine and made to filter pool water to incredible levels of clarity.
  • Covers grids more efficiently then DE.
  • Works w/vacuum & pressure filters designed for DE.
  • Excellent top coat for sand filters.
  • Effective pre-coat for cartridges.
  • Reduces algae by filtering 4 micron algae spores.
  • Removes “floaters” and suspended particles that pass through sand filters (typically 40 microns).
  • Clarifiers are not required or recommended.
  • For Directions on switching to Fiber Clear from DE & dosage information please see the following:

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in